Registration Information of New Students From Abroad (Outside The Country of Indonesia) To Study Calligraphy 1 Year


How To Registration of New Students From Abroad (Outside The Country of Indonesia) To Study Calligraphy 1 Year
Please, do the registration of new students by filling out an online registration form. Click here.

Once we accept this online form, we will send a file “letter of invitation to learn calligraphy / khat to Indonesia” to an email your account / your facebook account.

You will need a “letter of invitation to learn calligraphy/khat to Indonesia” for processing of passports at the immigration office of your country and the visa at the Indonesian embassy in your country.

After you take care of your passport and visa, please come to Indonesia, with fly to “Soekarno Hatta Airport” and then go to our ma’had (Islamic Boarding School) at the following address: 

Jln (streat) : Bhineka Karya, number 53 Rt. O3/06, Kelurahan Karamat, 
Kecamatan Gunung Puyuh,
City : Sukabumi, Jawa Barat – INDONESIA 43122
Telp./fax : (0266) 231 754
Email :

Lihat Pesantren Kaligrafi Alquran Lemka di peta yang lebih besar

Note :
If you want we pick up you at “Soekarno Hatta airport”, we will provide a car to pick up you, and you can pay the car for Rp 750.000.

Once you arrive at our ma’had (islamic boarding school), you devolved administrations as : a copy of your identity (your ID), your photo 3 x 4, and a copy of your passport. 
You must pay the registration fee and you will receive a free package. Please see below.

Registration Fee

Types of fees
Donations building
Calligraphy books package
Tools painting and calligraphy
Cost learning for 1 month
Eat 3 x /day
(for 1 month) 

Rent cabinet
Sports uniform
Travelling Art 1 (to The Quranic Museum TMII Jakarta)
Travelling Art 2 (to the village painter Bandung)
Travelling Art 3 (Painting in Garden Flowers Archipelago Cianjur)
Journey end of the year (to the Art Market Ancol & Dufan)
Rp     365.000,-
Rp  1.750.000,-
Rp     670.000,-
Rp     200.000,-
Rp     350.000,-
Rp 1.800.000,-
Rp     150.000,-
Rp    200.000,-
Rp     275.000,-
Rp     200.000,-
Rp    250.000,-
Rp     350.000,-
T o t a l
Rp  6.560.000-
– The first payment (the registration fee) is Rp 6.560.000. (free eat and learning for 1 month)
– The cost for eat 3x Rp 1.800.000 in second month-12 month
– The cost learning  Rp 350.000 in second month-12 month

A teacher of calligraphy make some work

Cost of Hostel or Hotel
We have hostel for students woman and students man. The students can stay in it free along studying (one year).

But, the students from abroad (outside the country of Indonesia) can choose the better place as 2 choice :
1. Rented a house near our ma’had (our islamic boarding school) and the students pay the cost by self. The cost is Rp 7.000.000/year.
2. In hotels near from our ma’had (our islamic boarding school) and the students pay the cost by self. The cost betwen Rp 100.000-Rp 500.000/night.

Student from Oman country

Program Study
For see program study, you can read in here and here.
Thank you.

Note : 
Please you must know that : $1 = Rp 13.000
For information about konversion, please see update information here

Apabila Artikel atau info dalam blog ini baik dan bermanfaat bagi anda, harap disebarkan
  1. Unknown says

    Assalamualaikum wrt wbt..Saya Fauzi, Dari Kuala Lumpur Malaysia… Saya berminat until sertai kursus atau program-program jangka pendek yang dianjurkan di LEMKA ..adakah LEMKA anjurkan kursus2 jangka pendek (2 minggu @ 1 bulan ) ? Sekiranya ada, mohon maklumkan kpd saya melalui email saya ya :

    Terima kasih ya.

    Abu Nuha Muhammad Fauzi Ariffin
    Ampang,Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

  2. Unknown says

    ustdz, saya mau nanya, total biaya untuk pendidikan di PonPes Lemka selama masa pendidikan brpa ya , meliputi, biaya ADM, biaya Pendidikan,biaya makan, asrama, pokok nya srmua biaya ust. all in..
    jazakallah khoir,

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